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Often times we do not realize how things we view as necessities and very vital to our lives, are actually luxuries we are lucky to have.

It wasn’t until I met the refugees in the camps of Kurdistan, that I saw just how much extra stuff we had. These refugees all had one pair of pants. One shirt. One pair of shoes. One hairband. I met a mother who couldn’t even wash her children’s dirty clothes because she had nothing to change them into while their clothes were drying. I saw kids sleeping on bare floors because they did not have mats, a carpet, or blankets to sleep on, much less beds.

With the generous help of our family and friends, we were able to put a small dent into the needs of these refugees from Syria and Iraq by purchasing:

—100+ pairs of shoes for men and women of all ages and sizes
—150+ pieces of underclothes for men and women of all sizes
—90+ complete outfits for boys and girls from infant age to 12 years
—Hundreds of pieces of sanity supplies
and much much more

A modest outfit in the US costs anywhere between $50-$100, but here in Kurdistan, you can FULLY clothe a male adult with shoes, underclothes, pants, and a shirt for approximately $7, and you can fully clothes a child for $5.

Due to the overwhelming need of all the refugees, we will continue to take donations and purchase supplies for those in need (donate athttp://www.gofundme.com/8z9ss4).Here are some images to show what we have been doing the past few days, and how your donations can help.